Curb Your Enthusiasm: "The Divorce" Review

Note: Full Spoilers for the Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 8premiere follow. Ah, Curb Your Enthusiasm. As I watched Larry David yell through a bathroom door to a 13-year-old girl he'd just met about how to use a tampon, I was reminded that this is a show in which David keeps proving he is willing to go places with his comedy that few others would dare. And aren't we the better for it? After another long break between seasons, Curb pulled a bit of a surprise by uncharacteristically picking up at the exact moment the last season ended, as Larry inevitably reverted to being Larry, quickly torpedoing his reunion with Cheryl. We then jumped to a year later as, yes, Larry and Cheryl were getting "The Divorce" the title promised. I do hope though that Cheryl, at least periodically, remains a part of the show. The banter between Larry and Cheryl works well – she's a good sounding board for him that I'd like to see continue to show up now and again, even if it's now in this more antagonistic, "You took my house!" manner.  Read More...


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