Falling Skies: "Silent Kill" Review

Note: Full Spoilers for this episode follow. This was a strong episode for Falling Skies, moving the plot along and offering some intriguing scenes in the process for thejust-renewed series. Seeing Hal, not Tom, come up with a big plan was a good move, letting us see that he too has some solid ideas and is intent on being proactive. And hey, practicing with crossbows? That's always cool. That being said, what's up with every gal on this show being all up on Hal? I get he's a good looking dude and all, but first he was with Karen, while Lourdes seemed to be crushing on him. And now sexy/tough Margaret is flirting with him? Actually, it's interesting that they've kind of dropped the Hal/Lourdes stuff, which seemed annoying and extraneous early on, so I'm not complaining there. And having Hal perhaps strike something up with tough, fighter chick Margaret, only for tough, fighter chick Karen to return down the road is a more interesting route, if you're going to do the love triangle thing. Although, shouldn't Margaret – who we learned got cancer in her teens -- be a few years older than Hal? Is Hal even, well, legal? And at this point, is it inevitable that Anne is gonna jump him too at some point, given how the women on this show react to him?  Read More...



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