'Pretty Little Liars' Aria's love triangle battle: Ezra vs. Jason


Anyone else notice the overabundance of love interests on "Pretty Little Liars" lately? Hey, we're not complaining, just making an observation.Zap2it decided to take a closer look at all of the love triangles in a "PLL" love triangle battle to the death (not really) match. First up? Aria (Lucy Hale) who is currently dating her former teacher Ezra but has recently connected with Alison's older brother Jason. Let's see how Ezra and Jason stake up against each other, shall we? Let's battle!Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding)Pros: Extremely attractive, smart, has a job, published author, bachelor pad is relatively neat, wrote Aria a poem, excellent parking lot kisser, sharp dresser, tendency to rent limos on date nightCons: Her former teacher, hugophobia (fear of hugs), works with former fiance, can't commit to one hairstyle, likes vests better than Aria, scared of her parentsAdvantage: They're already dating and they have a lot in common (love literature, taking pictures with...



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