'Big Brother 13': Evel Dick's departure leaves the veterans panicking


The veterans are not happy about Evel Dick's departure from the "Big Brother 13" house, since now the numbers are 8 on 5. But they have not given up and a newbie is still going home.Post-NominationsPorsche comes to the HOH room crying and dumbly acts like the veterans are going to throw the Veto to keep her safe. No, dummy. They're trying to get you the Golden Key and get you in their pocket. Seriously, she does not have two brain cells to rub together. In order to get the Golden Key, you have to be on the block. They're telling her to throw POV and she's not sure. Ugh. Can't we send BOTH her and Keith home?Brendon talking-heads, "Porsche's actng like a ditzy girl." Uh, "acting"? Think again, Bookie. (That's Rachel's nickname for Brendon and it doesn't rhyme with cookie it rhymes with dookie. Heh.)Meanwhile, Keith and Dominic celebrate about Keith being up on...



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