Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday features an abrupt departure and the PoV

Hey all, and thanks for tagging along as I experience my first season of "Big Brother." Yes, I’m a newbie to the franchise, the novice of the HitFix hydra covering this latest season of the CBS reality stalwart. Liane and Dan will be offering their expertise on Sundays and Thursdays, respectively, while I will sit between them wondering things like, "Do people really spend the entire season whispering to each other?" and "Dear God, will every challenge be as sexually explicit as that Banana Grab debacle?"

So if you’re looking for me to apply advice learned over the past dozen seasons, well, you might be disappointed. But if you want to see the show through untrained eyes, hopefully this will provide either some insight or at least amusement. Think of it this way: I’m like Jane Goodall, peeling past the brush for the first time to study chimpanzees. Although that analogy probably does a great disservice to Jane. Also, a great disservice to the chimps.

Onto tonight’s episode!

We start off with a lengthy recap of what’s happened so far. Apparently, the first two episodes had James Joycian levels of complexity, given the amount of regurgitated footage here. Every time Dominic screams, "Regulators!" Nate Dogg dies a little. Again. RIP. Read More...


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