'Love in the Wild': The Steele curse sends Kym packing


So every week - like five people read these. But I find this show delightfully trashy and I think my recaps are funny, so I am soldiering on for the five of you who take the time. I hope you enjoy these. What happened on "Love in the Wild" this week?*fills up wine glass* And awayyyyyy we go!Post-Couples ChoiceKym says Steele has a lot of the characteristics she looks for - like muscles and height. Meanwhile, Heather is super pissed she got ripped away from Miles for Adam the Meathead, but Erica is pumped to be back with Miles. Miles? Is like - whatever, they're both hot.Theresa and Skip hop right into bed and Skip says she is "in your face" beautiful. Um, no. She's fake beautiful. Hope Solo is in your face beautiful. Theresa looks like she had a talented surgeon.Meanwhile, Brandee and Ben continue to spiral down into an abusive relationship. By the...



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