'Big Brother' recap: The Once-Great City of Vetropolis

I never understood all the hate for Evel Dick. True, the man was a magnificent scumbag who glided through the Big Brother house with the leering swagger of a mythical serpent slithering through the Garden of Eden trying to find an attractive naked human couple to symbolically corrupt. But at the most basic level, Big Brothera show about politics, and all politicians are scumbags, which is why most democratic elections basically come down to the voters trying to decide which scumbag is more likable. And Evel Dick was incredibly likable, in a Hans Gruber-ish of way. He was also, we should remember, one of those rare reality show baddies who constantly rose to power even though he made no secret about screwing everyone over. (This particular brand of open-faced supervillainy was invented wholesale in the first season of Survivor, when everyone agreed that Richard Hatch was the Devil Incarnate and handed him $1 million for his troubles.) Read More...



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