Margaret Cho Details Accidentally Sexting Her Mom (VIDEO)

Margaret Cho said Wednesday on 'The View' (weekdays, syndicated on ABC) that she loves sexting. So much so that she's hesitant to judge Anthony Weiner for his recent scandal. She's even featured on a song called 'Sexting' by drag performer Sherry Vine (it's an unreleased song fans can get with a charity promotion for her music album 'Cho Dependant' that ends Friday).
But it is a dangerous practice, at least for the easily embarrassed ... and those prone to typing in the wrong phone number. "If you're going to be sexting, check the number," warned Cho. "I was sexting with this guy I was doing it with, and I was like..." Well, 'The View' bleeped the next part. If you can read lips, you might catch it.
The mortifying part was the phone call Cho then received from her mother, to whom she had inadvertently sent the message. Her mom misunderstood the intention of Cho's sexting, because she wanted to make sure she had a meal ready.


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