RESCUE ME “Mutha” Review

RESCUE ME "Mutha" Season 7 Episode 1 – If there’s any show you can trust to keep to Chekov’s rifle rule, it’s Rescue Me. This is a show which, for seven years, has audaciously aspired to top itselfepisode after episode, season after season, unfortunately getting caught in its own trappings which are as much a psychological commentary on how a damaging event can leave a man trapped in a state of torment as it is a central problem with the show. Here we come at last to the final season, its seventh, with the finale due to air on or around the tenth anniversary of 9/11. For once all seems to be getting back on track for Tommy Gavin-or as back on track as a man as screwed up as he is can possibly get.

"Normal…normal is dead and buried under what’s left of Ground Zero. I’m just trying to make sense of what ‘s left above ground." So says Tommy Gavin to his wife when, in the parking lot of the clinic, he tells her that he wants her to have the baby. Her only demand is that he be a present father for the child, that he teaches his son or daughter to throw a ball. It hardly seems like she’s asking the world of him, but Tommy scoffs at the idea and uses, for the umpteenth time, 9/11 as an excuse. 9/11 has, essentially, crippled him as a person, as a human being. Read More...


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