Naruto Shippuden Season 1 Episode 19 Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies Episode Recap

After Team Guy and Team Kakashi broke the Five Seals Barrier, Team Kakashi managed to get into the Akatsuki hideout. Deidara and Sasori were awaiting Team Kakashi in the hideout with Gaara's dead body. Meanwhile, Team Guy fell into a trap after they broke the Five Seals Barrier. They were attacked by clones of themselves that had the same power, weapons, and jutsu as each of them. In the hideout, Deidara and Sasori were arguing, whilst ignoring Naruto who was yelling at them. Then, Deidara taunted Naruto (who they figured out was a Jinchuriki) and flew away on one of his jutsu with Gaara, after Sasori tried to hit him. Naruto chased Deidara and Kakashi followed, leaving Sakura and Chiyo to fight Sasori by themselves. Kakashi realized that he couldn't waste time with Deidara, and used his Sharingan. Sakura looked into Sasori's eyes and could tell just by facing him how many people he had killed, and the difference in actual battle experience between him and her. Granny Chiyo knew that Sakura was scared of him, and she told her not to be afraid because she was there. Granny Chiyo then used Assault Blade and some of the kunai managed to hit Sasori's Akatsuki outfit. He then showed his puppet armor, Hiruko, and began his battle with Chiyo.

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