Damages: "There's Only One Way to Try a Case" Review

Damagesis back! And everyone can say "f***!" now! Thanks to a miraculous two-season order/save by DirecTV, Pattyand Ellen can now continue to wield their justice like a broadsword and cut down the biggest and the boldest in the world of corrupt corporations. "There's Only One Way to Try a Case" was a semi-strong return for the series; jumbled at times, but always engrossing. What was really missing here was the big suspenseful opening scene pull that the past three seasons have had. The intermittent time-jumps to the hooded figure tied up to a chair seemed cheaply done and just didn't contain the weight of the stuff we've seen on this show. 

Maybe it was the twangy Middle Eastern music or the extra grainy film stock used, but the opening mystery-scene came off a bit corny to me. I like the fact that the dangerous world "out there" is now somehow colliding with the New York "power attorney"-verse we've come to know, but it just seemed like too much of a staged scenario. Of course, I compare everything to the shocking, Lynch-ian, opening of Season 1 with blood-covered Ellen and the elevator door. Or even, now, the discovery of Tom's body at the end of the Season 3 pilot. This opening felt more like Season 2's opening when we were left to wonder "who?" As in "who is Ellen pointing the gun at?" Or now - "who is the person under the hood?"  Read More...



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