Top Moments: Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Naked and The Bachelorette Bores

Our top moments of the week:

13. No "I" in "Team" Award: On Ice Loves Coco, Coco is pumped to show her hubby her new Licious clothing line at the factory... until Ice-T points out something her whole crew had apparently missed: All the shirts are printed with the (non)-word "licous" — or, phonetically, "lick-us." Don't get too upset, Coco. Beyonce can't spell it either.

12. Best Accidental Foreshadowing: Don't get us wrong, we love Jesse Tyler Ferguson onModern Family, but maybe in his next lifetime he should come back as a fortune teller! Less than 12 hours after praising So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley on-air and declaring that she deserves an Emmy nomination, the Brit receives one — her first! — for Best Reality Show Host.  

11. Best Entrance into the History Books: Derek Jeter's arrival at 3,000 hits was a little delayed, thanks to a pesky calf injury, but when the New York Yankees shortstop reached the big number on Saturday, he did it in a very big way. Not only was it one of five hits in one game, but his 3,000th was a home run. As YES commentator Michael Kay screamed during the game: "History with an exclamation point!"

10. Oddest First Impression: It's unclear to us exactly why Joe Gorga accepts the dare to strut around in his wife's tight sparkly black Spandex bodysuit during a meeting among the families onThe Real Housewives of New JerseyWe know things have been tense between his sister, Teresa, and wife, Melissa, but do we really need to resort to cross-dressing to bring about detente? Read More...


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