Don Rickles Provides Color Commentary to Leno's Interview With Bristol Palin (VIDEO)

What do you do when an interview is perhaps less than exciting? Why not have Don Rickles sitting on the couch next to the subject providing color commentary. It worked for Bristol Palin's appearance on 'The Tonight Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC).
Rickles provided the best reaction to the stories she told and answers she gave to Leno's questions. He gasped and made a cross with his fingers when she revealed that she lied to her mother so she could sneak out, get drunk and lose her virginity.
When Jay Leno asked her point-blank, not expecting an answer, if her mother Sarah Palin was going to put her hat in the ring and run for president, it was Rickles who was able to step in.
"Is there any reason she shouldn't run?" Leno asked when Bristol said they were discussing it.
"'Cause she could lose," Rickles chimed in.


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