Louie Recap: Blue Nights

Louie Recap: Blue Nights

Ah, Atlantic City: A town where addicts and geriatrics stagger in tandem; where surly pigeons will rough you up for a few spare nubs of funnel cake; and where yours truly was assaulted in the early nineties, for reasons still unknown, while waiting to ride a boardwalk Ferris wheel. A.C.’s a tough racket, as we find out in "Joan," the most (relatively) straightforward episode of Louie’s second season, and one of the most frustrating.

But before we head off to that dilapidated gem of the Eastern seaboard, we find Louie still in a New York groove, riffing from the bowels of a comedy club: "I’m always within a 48-hour window of diarrhea," he says. "Either I had it, or I’ll be having it, within 48 hours of any given moment." It’s disgusting, but as with much of Louis C.K.’s below-the-beltline humor, the bit’s layered with so much pathos and real-talk specificity that you wind up feeling sorry for the guy. So far this summer, he’s grappled with sibling drama, financial drama, and homeless-guy-getting-decapitated drama; now even his poops are backfiring on him (not literally, of course). Read More...



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