Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 31 Review: The Promise Made For 520 Cenz

After leaving Hawkeye's place, Ed runs into Al, and the two talk about what they want to do after they return to their original bodies. Al wants to eat Winry's apple pie, and Ed just wants to tell Pinako and Izumi that he's back. Ed also reveals his realization that Scar and May Chang's alchemy is different, but when they try to find May Chang the next day, they discover that she's already left Knox's home. Meanwhile, Mustang's former subordinates say their farewells before departing, and Hawkeye pays Mustang a visit to pass along a message from Ed that Scar is still around. Afterward, Mustang reflects on the emptiness of his office and on his subordinates, and he decides to enact a certain plan. He then heads out and finds Ed and Al who have been searching for May Chang. After they tell him what's going on, he asks Ed to return the money he borrowed, but Ed decides that he'll pay it back once Mustang becomes Fuhrer. In fact, Ed promises to continue borrowing money and attaching each amount with one of Mustang's goals for the country. Mustang then drops the brothers off at their hotel and heads to a bar where he has the madam call a special number, that of Lt. General Grumman.

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