Ed Helms Is a Dog Molester on 'Wilfred' ... Or Is He? (VIDEO)

When it comes to 'Wilfred' (Thu., 10PM ET on FX) it's almost impossible to tell what to believe. Do you believe what Wilfred tells Ryan ever or is Ryan just hallucinating these conversations. Regardless, Wilfred seems determined to test their friendship.
This week, Ryan did a better job of treating Wilfred like a dog, attempting to train him with a clicker and a water gun, to mixed results. But it was Ed Helm's creepy turn as a doggie day care worker that really tested their friendship.
When Ryan's sister returned to his life, he tried to mend that relationship, which meant having to find a play for Wilfred to go during the day. Enter Darryl (Ed Helms), who was ever so friendly and sweet to Wilfred upon his arrival.



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