‘Burn Notice’ Season 5, Episode 4, ‘No Good Deed’: TV Recap

Fancy mansion, check. Michael Westen in a tux, check. (Even he acknowledges the cliché).

Grant Show is back as Max, the prickly albeit friendly CIA operative. The dynamic duo are all dressed up and attending a marine fundraiser. Someone, Max says, is planning on stealing tech secrets from the Swedes.

On the fly, Michael plays drunk and plants a tracker on the man who steals the wooden sheathed iPad looking device from said Swede. Naturally, Michael and Max get thrown out of the party.

In the process, Michael asks whether the CIA has been able to look into the possible threads from the people who burned him. Max calls him crazy, kind of like Fiona did last episode.

Speaking of Fi, she’s in Michael’s slowly-but-surely coming along car wanting to know what Max said about loose ends. He relays the message and Fiona smiles, happy that she and Max are in accord. Read More...



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