LOVE BITES “Boys To Men” Review

LOVE BITES "Boys To Men" Season 1, Episode 7 – The running theme of this week’s episode of Love Bites was more obvious than the theme of previous episodes. We were introduced to three male protagonists in varying stages of young adult relationships, starting out with the immature romantic and leading up to a man becoming a father.

The first segment of Love Bites, "Ben and Marissa," seemed the most like a sitcom of the three stories tonight. The recently dumped Ben was invited by Judd and Colleen to house sit for them while they went on a weekend trip to New York.

Although Ben’s Mrs. Robinson situation with Colleen’s friend, Marissa, wasn’t a new scenario, I liked the unusual way the two of them met. Marissa charged into the house, made herself at home and went about prescribing a mutually satisfactory distraction for both their problems. Ben was clingy and bordering on insane, but his awkwardness was rather funny. The return of Marissa’s husband, Rico, pulled everything together and the final scene played out pretty hilariously. Read More...


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