SUITS “Dirty Little Secrets” Review

SUITS "Dirty Little Secrets" Episode 4 – I hate to sound like a broken record but this show has proved to me one again that it’s gonna continue to keep getting better and better. I’m still getting a kick out of watching Harvey and Mike’s partnership and bromance grow, but was also very glad to see a bit more from Jessica in this one. Jessica’s ex-husband hires the firm to represent him in a case and when she assigns it to Harvey, there was some definite tension between the two – especially after Harveydiscovers some secrets about the man. What really threw me for a loop in this storyline was the fact that Quinton turned out to have ALS himself. It was a nice little twist that also brought everything to an emotional level that I didn’t expect.

Meanwhile Mike is still stumbling between being the genius that he is while also having trouble navigating through this new world. When he wins his own pro bono case from Louis in a game of Harvard Trivia, Mike has a few rough moments with it. Starting with the fact that he very nearly loses the trivia game and was convinced that Louis knows his dirty little secret. After that the case should be a piece of cake but isn’t, so Harvey comes along and keeps doing what does so well when it comes to his new apprentice – he nudges Mike in the right direction but only gives him just enough info for him to figure out what he needs to do on his own. Harvey’s "sink or swim" routine seems to be working and once again, Mike slam dunks another case. Read More...


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