BURN NOTICE “No Good Deed” Review

BURN NOTICE "No Good Deed" Season 5 Episode 4 – You know, after last week’s episode I admit that I expected this one to go in another direction entirely. We get this little glimpse into the fact that Michael is clearly obsessing over the people who burned him and I figured we were going to see him continue on a downward spiral.

I guess that could still happen but now there’s one very important factor I hadn’t planned on at all. Turns out Michael is right. Here he’s got everyone telling him to move on and let it go: Fi, Sam, Max –all of them. So Michael tells them that he is and for most of the episode it looks like he just might be, I mean he’s doing his official CIA job with Max while simultaneously working on one of Fi’s charity gigsfor Barry’s brother. Did I really think he’d let it go? No, probably not, but he was pulling off a really nice act. Read More...



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