Little Snow Fairy Sugar Complete Collection Review 2

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The second half of the Sugar series fills out this set as we get episodes fourteen through twenty-four of the broadcast series and the two DVD-only episodes that fit into the show within this set as they're not epilogues for the most part. Sugar doesn't deviate all that much from what we've seen before as we get a handful of small stories that involve the gang running around and getting into things while trying to discover who it is they are and finding the Twinkle they need to become full fairies. They're still watched by the same adult fairies that haven't changed much and Saga and her friends as moving along much as we've seen.

As time goes on though, the bonds between all of them are getting stronger. Saga is becoming more involved in the various activities that Sugar gets caught up in, such as the mildly amusing opening episode that has the snow fairy trying to figure out a way to help a turtle named Lancelot fly so he can spend time with a dove that he admires and sees every day. This is the kind of story that often has me cringing and anxiously waiting for it to end, but because of the nature of this show and its very relaxed and almost fairytale like nature, it works pretty well and you can enjoy it more than other similar stories because it's so earnestly nice and simple.

Saga's had a somewhat adversarial relationship with Sugar since the start as they've fought often enough, largely because of the things that Sugar gets involved in. When Sugar and the other fairies head off for a week of training with Elder and the others though, Saga's excited to have her schedule back and some peace and quiet for a bit. It's no surprise that she ends up missing her, but it doesn't feel forced and there's a real honesty to the way Saga gets concerned about Sugar and the rest when a typhoon blows through the area where the fairies are training. She becomes so concerned that she's completely distracted from the chores and things she has scheduled.

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