Hanamaru Kindergarten Season 1 Episode 2 Review: A Hanamaru Genius Episode

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Hanamaru Kindergarten's second episode really does put it all in perspective that the series will be serving up huge doses of my cuteness quotient for its run. The show certainly made an impact with the first episode as it did hit so many things that kids do at that age and it made them cuter since it wasn't happening to you. With this episode, it's turning out that Hii may be the breakout character for the show with her personality and design as well as her sheer intelligence.

Tsuchida's still having difficulty adapting to his new work, though it is all things that are fairly well expected for a new teacher. Having multiple kids wanting his attention at once causes him to let a few of them to go explore the kindergarten, which is very cute. Hii takes on the role of an explorer as Anzu and Koume are normal but still very cute and curious about everything. Through this we get a better idea of the school overall and some of the things that the kids get involved in when they get a bit older. The amusement over the massive slide alone is priceless, though it does get a nice callback moment later in the episode with Tsuchida bonding with the kids more.

Hanamaru Kindergarten does go in one area I didn't care much for though. There's a lot of fun when it turns out there's a competition of sorts between Hiiragi and Kenji, as both of them are the know it all types who seem to know everything and they start battling over their knowledge. The revelation that Hii seems to always be reading advanced books and even helps her father with his work provides for some very cute visions on the part of the staff as to what she's like at home. Where the show lost me some is when Kenji and Hii talk about ghosts and Kenji decides that he'll sneak out of his house that night to visit the park so he can get an advantage over Hii when it comes to the subject. It's a little unnerving to watch a kindergartner sneak out like that as well as to see Tsuchida tell one of the other teachers when called about it that he has an idea and he'll call them back. Dude, you tell them so it's not a mystery. That only paints you as creepy.

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