After spending week one in full-on set-up mode, the team was ready to get down to business in last night’s episode, "Rendition." The hour brought scientific intrigue, pond-crossing thrills, and more hints about the nature of the Miracle. It also introduced some fancy new terminology to the TORCHWOOD vocabulary — we can recap the episode as we dissect this jargon.

Morphic fields: While being extradited to the United States, Jack offers his first theory about the nature of the Miracle. He references Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic fields, "the passing of connective information through the process of morphic resonance." The example he uses is monkeys on an island learning to use a rock as a knife, while hundreds of miles away, a different group of monkeys also learns to use a rock as a knife. Jack is convinced that the Miracle, because it happened to everyone at the same time, is the biggest morphic event in history. Read More...


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