Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 33: The Northern Wall of Briggs Review

Still on Scar's trail, Kimblee figures out that he headed north and follows him there. When Kimblee gets word that Scar and Marcoh are on a train, he boards it by having another train run alongside it, but instead of finding Marcoh, he finds Yoki there. Kimblee is then attacked by Scar, and the two recognize each other from their previous encounter years ago. Scar persues his attacks and Kimblee is just barely able to evade. He realizes that Scar has the advantage when it comes to close combat. Before Kimblee can really do anything, Scar impales him with a metal pipe, and this leaves Kimblee no choice but to use his alchemy to separate the two parts of the train, with Scar on the other part. Realizing that something happened, the train's operators stop it and find the injured Kimblee, but he orders them to keep going. Unbeknownst to Kimblee, the real Marcoh is heading north on foot with May Chang.

Ed and Al meanwhile have also arrived up north, and the snow reminds them of how it once snowed in Resembool when they were young. They get a ride up to the path that leads to the Briggs fortress, but once on foot, they get caught in a big snowstorm. In the middle of this, they are attacked by a large man with an automail arm. He turns out to be wearing a military uniform, but he doesn't give Ed and Al a chance to explain who they are, forcing them to fight. Despite his alchemy not being effective, Ed is able to jam the man's automail arm with Al's armored head, however they are then surrounded by Briggs soldiers. Ed and Al had actually been fighting right near the Briggs wall, and Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong comes out to see what's going on. Treating them as suspicious, she tears up the introductory letter from her little brother because she judges people with her own eyes, but she still allows the brothers inside the fortress. Elsewhere, Marcoh and May Chang eventually reach the shack where Scar's brother's research is located, and they find it intact.

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