Recap: The newbies forge new alliances on 'Big Brother'

I thought the veterans might be sunk after Evel Dick left the show (not only did they lose a great strategist, they were even further down in numbers), but go figure – a few of the newbies are bending to their will. With Jordan as HOH, this should be a cakewalk. At least until Big Brother throws another twist into the game. The problem is, we will need another twist unless we just want to watch the newbies get picked off like so many ticks off a dog’s back.

 After Keith’s exit, the newbies wander around, shellshocked. Dominic feels like he’s been shanked! Yeah, that’s the game, sweetie. Lotsa shanking. Adam knows he can’t trust anyone! You’re not supposed to! Lawon is as furious as a volcano on a hot day in Hawaii getting ready to erupt! There are so, so many logistical things wrong with that statement, but anyway, you get the idea. Everyone’s very upset except for Kalia and Shelly, who are doing their best to act upset. Read More...


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