Recap: 'True Blood' - 'I'm Alive And On Fire'

When we last left the randy, fairy-touched folk of Bon Temps, Jessica was developing a taste for more exotic food; Lafayette and Co. were trying, with mild success, to parlay with Pam over Marnie’s necromantic machinations; Vampire Bill had entered into a duly negotiated and sealed sexual union with Portia Bellefleur; Jason was being hog-tied and raped by unwashed panther women; and Eric’s brains had been rendered into a hush-puppy-like mess -- soft on the inside, fried crispy on the outside -- by a bunch of Wiccans before he got all squirrelly and drained Sookie’s fairy godmother.

Cut to the present. Another soiled panther-woman in a sundress is trying to rape Jason while a coot yells "Breed, Ghost Daddy, breed!" Then she’s done. Next! An oddly clean piece of panther jailbait presents herself. She says Jason had better give her a cub lest she cut off his deviled eggs. Jason persuades the young girl to abandon her premature quest for a litter; instead, the girl cuts Jason loose. Read More...


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