Chu-Bra Season 1 Episode 03 Review: A Windy Day

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In some ways, I can understand how many of the girls in this show feel when talking about this show to other people. As Nayu goes about talking about her love of underwear and the reasons why, it's easy to see why others get embarrassed or really shy about it. In trying to explain this show to people without seeming creepy, it is rather difficult to do. That said, as the third episode rolls out, it is a lot of fun and there's a certain charm and tenacity to the way Nayu pursues her goals in the face of adversity that I can't help but to admire.

She's settling well into her school life now that she has some friends but she'd like to do some club activities as well as working on her various underwear projects. The best of both worlds would be to join the Crafts Club where she could work on her own project, though it would have to go on display. While she has no issue with it, everyone else seems to have a problem with it, even the advisor, so it doesn't go over well and she's left distraught over what to do. The solution? An offhand remark by Yako that she should form an Underwear Club so that she can do what she wants and possibly find a few likeminded people. It's a good plan but a difficult one that will face opposition from a lot of quarters.

Her initial advisor is a bit surprised by it but he seems to be behind it, though he recommends someone else to take on the role since as a man he would not be completely appropriate. The Crafts Club advisor however recommends that she doesn't even try to do such a thing as it's inappropriate and morally questionable, which pushes Nayu into a bit of a depression about the entire thing. To our surprise though, the one person who offers her the best advice is her unknown nemesis of the episode, Hiroki, who has been trying to stake out his problems with her for the entire episode. Having lost the opening ceremony speech to her, and apparently other ones in the past which she doesn't remember, he's intent on not letting her beat him again. Yet he offers the best advice for starting up a club, something that we'll hopefully see come to fruition in the next episode.

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