Grey Damon: What's Ahead on The Nine Lives of Chloe King?

After referring to his Nine Lives of Cloe King character as "boring" in my last review, Grey Damon proved me wrong on a personal level this week.

Given a name made for stardom by his artistic parents, this young man is well spoken and has his feet steadily on the ground. He knows what's important and doesn't feel the need to compare himself with the rest of young Hollywood.

"Other guys my age are looking for the next big action role, like being Shia LeBouf or something, but I am really enjoying the journey I am on and working for ABC Family is an incredible experience," he told me. "I'm looking forward to enjoying the adventure. Everybody always dreams of being in films, but television has become the new film, in a way, by making quality, drawn out movies." Read More...


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