LEVERAGE “The Van Gogh Job” Review

LEVERAGE "The Van Gogh Job" Season 4 Episode 4 – This marks the second episode this season which has seen the writers experiment with a change of formula. The last time found the Leverage crew locked in a murder mystery á la Ten Little Indians type episode. This time we took a flashback all the way to America and France during World War II.

The Leverage team have to try to figure the whereabouts of a lost Van Gogh painting. Aside fromstandard investigation – which included a lot of hitting courtesy of Eliot and a lot of accents thanks to Hardison and plenty of grifting from…well, you get it – Parker helps the team pick up clues relating to the painting’s whereabouts by listening to a tale of a doomed romance between a black man and a white woman whose efforts to elope are thwarted by her racist father and the racist society in general.

I always love when television shows take a risk. Whether they succeed or fail it is always commendable, daring and exciting, so huge kudos to the writer (Chris Downey) of this episode. Not only did they utilize the quirky humor which has made Leverage as fun as it is (Hardison on the phone in the Indian accent had me chuckling big time) but they also used the opportunity of flashbacks to go back in time and explore racially segregated America, told (by guest star Danny Glover) with Parker and Hardison playing the key roles of the star crossed lovers. Read More...



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