IN PLAIN SIGHT “Girls, Interrupted” Review

IN PLAIN SIGHT "Girls, Interrupted" Season 4 Episode 10 – With Mary moving along in her pregnancy (well, moving along in that they’re not hiding it any longer so we’ve now sped up to real time), everyonekeeps ordering her to relax. Stan even goes so far as to send her on an easy errand to try and help her out in that department. But much like Marshall’s plan last week to give her the easier witness to handle, this one backfires as well. Mary ends up wandering around the desert after her dog and meets up with various people who each give her a message in their own way.

She’s still planning on giving up her baby but now the issue for her is deciding on the right family to choose. The family she meets in the desert shows her that there’s no set definition of a "normal" family and people that she may have thought were a little strange, are actually good folks. Between them, the witness she was delivering a message to who actually gave her a message of her own, and her spirit guide known as Oscar, Mary is still on he same path but maybe with some additional insights now as to what she should be looking for. Oh and thanks to Oscar she just may have narrowed down the search to a family called the Templetons, but I’m probably getting ahead of myself. Read More...


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