FALLING SKIES “Sanctuary, Part 1? Review

FALLING SKIES "Sanctuary, Part 1? Season 1, Episode 6 – I got an early look at this week’s episode of Falling Skies which is the first episode of a two part set called "Sanctuary." Now that Ben and a number of other harnessed children have been reunited with humanity, there’s a new dynamic among the civilians in the camp. Trust is absolutely necessary in their situation, but of course, trust is fragile. No matter how united the resistance seems on the surface, small cracks quickly become gaping rifts and result in even more complicated challenges for our protagonists.

The Falling Skies world expands again in this episode as members of the 7th Massachusetts bring information about a potential threat that would put the 2nd Massachusetts in the direct line of a Skitter attack. Terry Clayton, the representative of the 7th Mass, explains that their priority is to lead the children and teenagers to a safety before the threat becomes a reality. Obviously, this idea is met with resistance among the civilians who have little desire to be separated from their children under any circumstance. Read More...



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