'The Bachelorette': Hometown Dates whittle down to Top 3


Time for Hometown Dates, y'all! My very favorite "Bachelorette" episode. It's always like three families I can't be snarky about because they're awesome, and then one crazypants family (see: Kirk with the taxidermy or Naomi with the pigeon funeral). Update: I love all the families this time, what is up?!PhiladelphiaWe start out in Philly, where Ashley lives. Thank God this time we don't have a "Rocky"-esque montage, but we do have a rehashing of all the bachelors she has left. Ben is "a man," Constantine is Ben's long-lost brother "so sexy," Ames is "nerdy" like Ashley and with J.P. "everything is there."Eek, a furry rat! Kill it, kill it! Oh, that's her dog. Of course it is. I'll predict right now - I think Ames gets cut. I do not know any spoilers.Constantine's DateConstantine is from Cumming, GA. Oh, the jokes. But I won't stoop to that level, I'm better than that. Constantine is introducing...



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