Recap: After hometowns, the final three results are in on 'The Bachelorette'

Hometowns! Does anyone else think Ben and Constantine look like the Geico cavemen did their hair? I know, it’s better than a mullet, but that sad sack 70s look just seems so unflattering to me. But hey, it works for Ashley, and that’s all that counts, I suppose.  

 Ashley walks us through exactly what she likes about each guy. Ben is exciting, Constantine is exactly her type, Ames is unique and J.P. is the whole package. Unique? She keeps calling Ames unique, which is one of those words that does not convey red hot passion. Ames is done for. Boo! I like Ames!

 First up, Ashley heads to Cumming, Georgia to visit Constantine’s family. Constantine is going to take her to the family restaurant to meet his dad Dimitri, his mom Elleni and his sister Maria. Even though they’re Greek, it’s an Italian restaurant, but one with "Greek touches." If that’s anything like Argentinean pizza, which I have in my neighborhood and seems to involve pumpkin pie spice, count me out. Ashley thinks Constantine looks really sexy walking around the restaurant, but I get the impression she thinks he looks sexy anywhere. Personally, I don’t know how she keeps him and Ben straight, but whatever. They make a pizza together. The waitresses watch their date. He feels like it’s clicking. She thinks he loves hard and for real. They have chemistry. They kiss and the waitresses go wild. Blah, blah, blah. Read More...


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