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We have made it through the infamous hometown dates and now it’s time for the exotic dates. You know what that means… that’s right, the fantasy suite card! Before anybody decides if they will forgo their individual rooms, however, let’s discuss this week. Actually let’s go back to last week first. Many of you asked why Ben stayed overnight with Ashley on his date. The reason he stayed was not exactly romantic: Ashley, Ben, and the crew stayed the night because Taroko is several hours away by car and after a very long day and night we didn’t want to put anybody through that travel. Ben and Ashley did not share a room, nor were they given the option to spend the night together. For that to have happened I would’ve had to whip up a fresh batch of fantasy suite cards, and I was otherwise detained. Now back to this week’s episode.

I say this every season and I mean it, I love hometown dates. Good or bad you can’t fake or hide your family. They are truly where you came from and partially who you really are. We started the week in Cumming, Georgia, to meet Constantine’s great Greek family. They started with some food at the family restaurant Giorgio’s. For the record the food is very good at the restaurant; our crew had lunch there and they loved it. The pizza that Ashley brought the guy at the end of the show was not what he ordered, but he liked it. He had no idea who Ashley was or that she didn’t work there. The important part was meeting the family, and Constantine’s family blew Ashley away — this is exactly what she’s looking for in her life. His mom had some very direct questions for Ashley and didn’t pull any punches in letting her know that her moving to Cumming is what would "enhance" her son’s life. Constantine had no idea his entire family was showing up. Everyone brought food and drink and then in a great Greek tradition his uncle started to make it "rain." Constantine might have been considered the dark horse a few weeks ago but because of the last couple weeks he has definitely moved out of that role and into Ashley’s heart. Read More...


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