WAREHOUSE 13: ‘Trials’ Recap

Over the years, WAREHOUSE 13 has gotten a lot of praise for being the kind of show a family can watch together, and season three is shaping up in the same way. A large portion of that is a result of the writers and actors and showrunners PURPOSEFULLY relying on family elements and experiences for their characters. Sure, not everything in the warehouse is "happy" this season, but isn’t that what a family is like too? When someone leaves — for whatever reason — the dynamic changes. Myka is learning that as she reintegrates herself back with the other warehouse agents. When someone new joins a family — for whatever reason — the dynamic changes again, and Steve Jinks is finding himself a catalyst for change. And I like it. I like the new and slightly edgy push-pull between Pete and Myka, and even if it doesn’t end with romance (like we sort of talked about last week), it will end with some good character development and that is never bad. Eddie McClintock (Pete) and Joanne Kelly (Myka) were pitch perfect with their subtlety in this episode, proving they still have what it takes to keep a show on the air. Read More...



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