DROP DEAD DIVA “The Wedding” Review

DROP DEAD DIVA "The Wedding" Season 3 Episode 4 - Grayson’s wedding approaches but it isn’t without hitches. Best man Jane is mugged after collecting the wedding rings from the jewelers, but why does the thief wait for the police instead of running? And will Grayson be able to help the father of Parker’s childhood friend out of prison and get his pet camel back?

The cases this week were odd choices for the theme of the episode, to say the least. In fact I’m not entirely sure there was a theme. (Did you spot a theme? Let us know in the comments!) I really liked the prison/illness case and I’m sure the camel milk case could have been quite hilarious (though hats off to Howard Hesseman as the wronged camel owner), but there wasn’t really much time to go into the cases. They felt like hurried versions of almost-similar cases we’ve seen before. Read More...



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