TV Review: MTV's 'Awkward'

Perhaps it's just my way of celebrating my last year in the network's core demographic, but I feel like I've been watching more MTV this summer than any time since college.

That isn't really saying all that much.

Mostly, in fact, it just means that against my better judgment, I've continued to watch "Teen Wolf" long past when any reasonable person would have thrown his hands in the air and stepped away.

In early interviews, series creator Jeff Davis promised that there would eventually be plenty of humor. On the assumption that he meant "intentional humor," that's a vow that hasn't come true. "Teen Wolf" remains leaden and mopey and I'm not sure that leading man Tyler Posey has more than one facial expression. Amazingly, we're seven episodes in and the main character hasn't fully wolfed out and, in fact, we've seen only the bare minimum of footage involving fully transformed werewolves (and what we've seen hasn't exactly been a tantalizing advertisement for more). There have been a lot of glowing eyes, growing claws and hormonal glowering. So much glowering. All anybody does on "Teen Wolf" is glower, with the possible exception of female leads Holland Roden and Crystal Reed, who flirt winningly and sometimes cry. Read More...


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