Memphis Beat Review: "Troubled Water"

Both Dwight and Lt. Rice navigated strained relationships in "Troubled Water".

This week's episode marked the first appearance of Lt. Rice's mother. We knew Lt. Rice and her daughter were estranged, as her engagement announcement was a surprise to her as we saw earlier this season; but rarely have we seen or heard much about Tanya's mom.

Funny thing is, both Tanya and her mother share a very stubborn personality, and it wasn't hard for me to see Lt. Rice when she gets to be her mother's age acting and responding in a very similar manner.Other moments I enjoyed had to do with Whitehead on the phone with Tanya's mom. I'm not sure where this playful conflict between these two is going, but as it develops it seems that White is becoming more and more a vehicle for self-reflection and motivation each week. Read More...


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