‘Pretty Little Liars,’ Season 2, Episode 6, ‘Never Letting Go’: TV Recap

'Pretty Little Liars,' Season 2, Episode 6, 'Never Letting Go': TV Recap. Big Plot Points to Remember: Nothing more about Garrett. No Ezra (He’s away delivering a conference paper). Now that Ian’s dead, the girls are allowed to hang out together again. No more Dr. Sullivan or following up on the break-in. Nothing new from Melissa, because she’s at a 5–star resort (I guess to get over the shock) for a few days. The Liars wear Alison’s dresses at a fashion show in her honor, and in the middle of the homage slide show the screen morphs into a picture of flames and "evil monster". Aria and Jason are closer to being a thing. Spencer overhears her father and Mrs. De Laurentis, back for the fashion show, arguing on the telephone. Emily feels jealous over Samara. Her mom may go to Texas for the rest fo the semester and let her stay with Hanna. Hanna’s dad admits he’s into her mom and moves home.



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