MEMPHIS BEAT “Troubled Waters” Review

MEMPHIS BEAT "Troubled Waters" Season 2 Episode 6 – In this episode an old friend comes to visit Dwight and brings along a lot of ghosts from the past. Turns out the guy once stole Dwight’s girl and is now married to her and not only that, but has gotten himself into a host of trouble with the law. AsWhitehead points out to him early on, Dwight has to help every stray that crosses his path and of course lets bygones be bygones so that he can try and get his old buddy out of trouble.

Trouble is that at every turn, Dwight’s investigation ends up proving that his friend is guilty as sin. The good news is that it turns out Jimmy didn’t commit the crime; the bad news is that he did aide and abet those who did. Oops. Sure he did it with good intentions but it still means that Dwight has to send a friend to jail. Read More...


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