Koihime Musou Season 1, Episodes 10-12 Reviews

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We start with the Son Family and the Kingdom of Wu (the Bellybutton Kingdom), where Sonken, the middle sister of the family, is worried about the future of their family's power, as the constant wars are exhausting the people. Sonsaku, the Queen, has an ambition: to conquer the entire country. Stopping her, however, is the ambitions of others within her kingdom, who hope to stop the warring and fighting that is draining the kingdom.

Into this walks Kan'u and friends, who still have Shoukou, the youngest daughter of the Son Family, in tow. Shoukou is scolded by her family for running around without servants, but Kan'u, Chouhi and Koumei are treated as honored guests. That is, until an assassination attempt is made on Sonsaku. Kan'u is accused of trying to kill the Queen, but the real culprit is hiding in plain sight.

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