WHITE COLLAR “Taking Account” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Taking Account" Season 3 Episode 7 – All along I’ve been dying for us to get a glimpse into Neal’s noggin and more clues as to why he’s planning on leaving the life that he has now. Sure that’s a big treasure and sure he’s the bad boy, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around why he would want to go back on the run and leave Peter and Sara.

Well tonight it looks like at least part of my question was answered. Neal finally gets close to telling Sara what he and Mozzie are planning but then backs off when she says she won’t go cross a line if she can’t come back from it. He promises that he’ll never ask her to and now I think I get it. Neal isn’t telling her his big secret because he’s trying to protect her. He knows that what he’s doing is wrong and he also knows that eventually Peter will catch him. He doesn’t want Sara caught in the middle but unfortunately for him, she caught too big of a whiff of what he was hiding and did some digging of her own. Read More...



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