PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Never Letting Go” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Never Letting Go" Season 2 Episode 6 – The girls get roped into participating in a fashion show in the most ghoulish way, wearing dresses owned by Allison. Although it appears that Allison’s mother thought this was a good idea, the whole thing just gave me the creeps. It probably did not help that Noel was the DJ and yet somehow did not know how to stop the video from playing once it went from a tribute to a horror show. And that part at the end where he insinuates to Aria that he has held or holds something that could get them in trouble was, well, troubling.

So it appears that "A" is blatantly saying she is actually Allison. There is no other explanation for the final video broadcast that referenced the dresses belonging to her. However, we all know Allison is dead and I highly doubt (and hope) that they would not just have Allison reappear, alive after all of this time. I also do not think that Allison would refer to herself as a monster and evil, though she might be the first to announce "the bitch is back." Although Allison’s mother made her initial appearance today and we do not really know her, I felt bad for her and Jason for having to go through that spectacle. Read More...


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