Teen Wolf: Bad Wolf Rising

teen wolfHoly. Hell!

Tonight's Teen Wolf went psycho as Scott lost his damn mind after his breakup with Allison left him reeling. Too bad there was a full moon around the corner to accentuate said "reeling," which resulted in Scott becoming a leering lunatic hellbent on ripping anything that lands in his path to shreds. Meanwhile, Jackson pretty much makes his move on Allison and the Argents geared up for war after getting a tip from a close source.

Bad Ass Scott

We knew that the breakup would seriously affect Scott, but our expectations were pretty low on just how much the guy would react to being severed from Allison/his anchor. The upcoming full moon increased his stress levels and he was a mess when it came to being focused and even caring about what was going on around him, which tends to happen to anyone after an emotional breakup even without being a werewolf. In Scott's case however, he chose being a First Class Asshole as his way of dealing and it was oh so good...



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