Time Difference

Friday 9pm EST (New York, Washington DC, etc.) makes it Saturday 2am in UK and 3am CET (Central Europe). Some people seem a iittle confused over this.

That being said, when will episode 3 (aired Friday 15 Feb 2008 9pm EST in US) be available on side reel. I only found the 1st episodes of season 4 last night, I was late for work this morning but it was worth it!!! I can't afford Sky either and I was realled miffed with Channel 4 when they failed to purchase season 3 - and I let them know!!! Channel 5 seem to have done the same thing with Prison Break too - I'm glad I only watched season 1 of that.

Top tip - I waited till Lost Season 3 was available of DVD last year and then 3 of us bought it and had a Lostfest at my house for a weekend. Lost overload!!!! What I am confused about now is how many episodes there are in Season 4 - I think it's 13 but ABC website makes reference to 2 further series!!!

Lost Rox!


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