Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 3 Review: A Day In The Squad - Rio Runs

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After a somewhat weak second episode that was good but not exactly something I expected with a ghost hunt storyline, the third episode gets back on track with more character material that is likely to be the strength of the series. Kanata's been adjusting fairly well to her new surroundings and settling into the routine after the walkthrough she got recently, so much so that others have noted how well she seems to be doing. Kanata's such a happy and pleasantly outgoing person that sometimes you may not get what's really going on with her as she puts on a good front and outward view so that others don't worry.

So when Kanata passes out from a fever, which may be malaria, Rio is the only one around to help her out since the rest went into town for things. Rio's really unsure of how to take care of Kanata over this and it brings up a lot of memories of her own that are quite important. We start to see her younger days when her mother was passing away from a disease and her associations with a particular piece of music. Rio's panic over helping out Kanata isn't done too badly, though she has a really bad moment as she frantically looks for snow that Kanata has asked for, before deciding that medicine would be in order instead. As well as realizing that they wouldn't have snow kept anywhere in the base. It's also quite telling that she looks at the phone, presumably for the doctors, and notes that it would be a last resort to do that.

Kanata and Rio both come across very well here as their reasons for things become clear. Kanata's being questioned on why she joined the military has her talking about music again and we see to her past once more, a slightly more expanded piece, where the importance of the music that helped her live is shown. We also see the ties that Rio has to the past where the music was something that died for her in a way back then. I was also interested in the angle that they played in tying music to the relic of a tank where it takes five people working together to make it work much as it takes many instruments to blend together to make certain pieces of music work properly. Though an apt piece for people in the military, it's something that many would rather not see melded together like that.

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