Bleach Episodes 64-79 Review

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The fourth season of Bleach has a doubly difficult job ahead of it as we go into the first part of the season that this set contains. First, it's following the already long but very engaging Soul Society arc which expanded the cast in a huge way, showed off the Soul Society itself and upped the stakes in terms of where Ichigo can go and how interconnected everything is in the end. The second thing it has to face is that it's not going to please a certain segment of fans because it's not adapted directly from the manga but instead is original because the manga needed more time to get properly ahead so that they could animate it, which is what season six became.

Having not read the manga and having enjoyed the show so far, I am going into this season with a fairly open mind because there are series that have done original arcs of length well that weren't in the original source material. Bleach sets about starting us off in a rather traditional way of getting the cast all back in place and showing us that their lives are where they were before the arc started. Ichigo and the gang is back at school, he's got his official Soul Reaper substitute status and life has gone on nicely enough. There are little Hollows he's dealing with but nothing that's straining him in the slightest. There's an emptiness there with Rukia back in the Soul Society but he felt he accomplished his mission of making sure she wasn't executed. Kon, of course, wants her and her bosom back where he can get at it.

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