'Big Brother' recap: Dial S for Stupid

I think we all learned a little something about life during tonight’s episode of Big Brother. Those of you who think crying in a bush is cool, Kalia put you in your place. It is, in fact, "lame." Go find somewhere else to cry, lame-o’s! The entire world found out that 13 is "a snake and a liar," something that was only privy to Rachel until she uncovered—what I can only assume—is a dastardly plot. (13 is up for eviction this week, and Cowboys and Aliens hits theaters a week from Friday. Coincidence? You naïve fool.)

I learned that in my ideal version of the show all of the competitions would play out per usual, but nothing would be televised. For each episode, Lawon would recap the week's events in his unparalleled stream of consciousness. It would explode!

Most importantly, we all learned that if a group of individuals is dumb enough and pitted against each other, the whole thing will eventually invert on itself, become intelligent and unravel in a Hitchcockian fashion. With last night's episode,Big Brother has reached that low. Read More...



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