FRANKLIN & BASH “The Bangover” Review

FRANKLIN & BASH "The Bangover" Episode 8 – After a court light saber fight stunt goes awry,Franklin and Bash are sentenced to 72 hours house arrest. As if that were not bad enough, when Jared steps a little too far away from the house, a drug bust ensues snaring Stanton’s niece in the net. How do you explain to your boss that his niece whom he believes is on a plane back home is actually in your house, under arrest for drug possession, oh and you slept with her? You don’t. You concoct various stunts to get her out of it.

Speaking of arrests, Carmen finds herself arrested again after she just cannot stay away from Dante’s loving. Oh, and Dante leaves behind a bag of cash and then threatens to shoot Franklin and Bash when they do not have it on them. But he has changed, right? That storyline was a bit frustrating as Carmen seems too smart for that and the whole "I just cannot leave because of the chemistry and great sex" argument seems weak. Luckily in the end Dante did the right thing, but if he was truly changed and doing the right thing, he never would have looked her up again. Read More...


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