COVERT AFFAIRS “Half a World Away” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "Half a World Away" Season 2 Episode 7 - This week we’re taken away from Annie and D.C. for a large chunk of this Auggie-centric episode. When Auggie attends a jazz festival in Turkey, the last thing he expects to hear is the voice of the man who blinded him. But he does, and so a plan to track this guy down and right a wrong is put into effect — with the help of a pretty flight attendant.

The ‘guy’ is actually an Iraqi terrorist, known by the military as the Jack of Diamonds (known by me too – I didn’t quite catch his real name). Auggie’s unit was sent in to take the Jack out and it seemed to be successful – until a hidden explosive was detonated, killing all of Auggie’s unit and blinding Auggie in the process. So when Auggie realises the Jack may still be alive, he asks Annie to find out the dead man’s official status. Read More...


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